Hull Labour Group has reacted furiously to a budget that will give some of the richest people in the  UK a cash windfall. The move to reduce income tax from 50% to 45% will mean that the 1% of richest earners, those earning £150,000 or more will all enjoy a boost. At the same time Pensioners will pay back an estimated £3bn a year to the treasury and the Tory-Lib Dems have sneaked out proposals to end age related pensioner benefits.

Hull Labour believes the proposals are completely unfair, as many in Hull have to look forward to benefit cuts, petrol hikes of 3p per litre  (13 p per gallon), and tax changes that mean that most people on low or middle incomes will be definitely worse off this financial year.

“If we are all ‘in it together’ why did a Government Cabinet of Millionaires make sure that the only people to benefit were themselves? It is the same old Tories, propped up in Government by their second eleven” said Cllr Daren Hale, Portfolio Holder for Strategic Finance.

His colleague Portfolio Holder Councillor Phil Webster added ,”There is much talk about how much the higher rate of tax draws in. Last year it was still a Billion pounds that the country can ill afford to give away to the richest in our society. It is like Robin Hood in reverse.”

“The Lib Dems will pay a terrible price for this at the ballot box in May,” Said Councillor Steve Brady, Leader of Hull City Council. “Hull People have a sense of fairness, and taking from pensioners and giving to the richest in society is just blatantly unfair.” he added.

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