Clegg Visits Hull In Snub To Caravan Workers



The Labour Group on Hull City Council has been informed that the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is due to attend an event at the Deep in Hull tomorrow, (Thursday 26th).


This visit comes hot on the heals of yet another sell-out by the Liberal Democrat Leader when he rallied his party to vote for the VAT on Caravans. Some may recall the victory claimed by the former Liberal Democrat Council Leader in relation to keeping a caravan manufacturer open in Hull.


Now the actions of the Lib Dems, who could have joined many Tory and Labour MP’s in voting against the Tax, may have sealed the fate of many caravan workers and those in subsidiary industries.


Cllr. Daren Hale, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group said:


“I am sure the thousands of workers and their families, who will face redundancy because of Mr. Clegg’s support for the VAT on caravans, will be interested to know that he is brazen enough to show his face in Hull.


They, like many others may want to ask him why only one Lib Dem voted against the tax and whether he still things Osborne’s budget is one the Lib Dems can be proud of.


It is appropriate he is visiting the Deep where he will be in the presence of many other sharks!”






Cllr. Stephen Brady, Leader of the Labour Group – 07884 491839

Cllr. Daren Hale, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group – 07884 491835

Cllr. Tom McVie, Secretary of the Labour Group – 07787 554212

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