We Need A Banking System to help People

Small businesses are struggling to access the finance they need to grow, yet under David Cameron it’s business as usual for the banks.

The Tories are determined to cling on to the old economy in a global race to the bottom. If we’re serious about winning the race to the top with countries like China and India, then we need to build a new economy – one that allows us to earn our way out of the cost of living crisis. That means dealing with one of Britain’s broken markets: our banking system.

Britain’s banking system is dominated by just four banks that control 85 per cent of small business lending. This lack of competition is a root cause of poor service, a breakdown of trust and a massive drop of £56 billion in lending to business since May 2010. Part of the reason we rely too much on low paid,insecure work is that the small firms that could create the good, high paying jobs of the future can’t get the
finance they need to grow.We need to support small and medium sized Enterprises so they can grow our economy for the future and that means creating a more competitive banking system that works for those it serves.

That’s why the next Labour Government will bring in a legal limit to ensure no bank can get too big and that the market remains competitive for the long-term. We will boost lending to small businesses, improve the service to all customers and create new banks that will work for the communities they serve. Under a Labour Government, small businesses will have a better chance of getting the support they need to grow, employ more people at decent wages and help Britain earn its way to better living standards for everyone.

Cllr Sheila Waudby’s Death


Labour has unfortunately had to announce the death of Sheila Waudby just before Xmas 2013. A lifelong Socialist and Trade Unionist, Sheila had risen from school dinner lady to one of our best loved Councillors. She served on Humberside County Council from 1989-1996 and the on the City Council from 1996 until her death.. Sheila served as Portfolio Holder and most recently as Chair of the Area Committee. RIP Sheila.

The news comes just after the news of the death of former Councillor Norman Whitelock who also died just before Christmas 2013. Norman was a former Housing Portfolio holder. Our thoughts are with both their families.


UNBELIEVABLE! £46 million taken from Hull City Council by the Lib Dems

The  Liberal Democrats  have assisted the Tories in cutting Hull City Council’s Budget by £46m over the next two years. The move comes as Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem Ministers helped drive through plans for the rich to get richer as Millionaires were give an income tax bonanza.  By removing a third of the Council’s spending power the Lib Dems in Hull have ensured that local services will suffer huge cuts, as they act to ensure the richest people in Britain get richer,  whilst food banks continue to serve more and more desperate people in Hull.

The bare-faced hypocrites have even started to petition against the services cuts that their party in Hull have caused.

Cllr Daren Hale said, “The Lib Dems speaking against the cuts they have caused is like a house burglar, visiting you the next day to advise you on better window locks!

Hull Shortlisted for 2017 City Of Culture Bid

The good news came at 11am. Hull, our City  is on the shortlist of the UK City of Culture Bid! With some commentators pre-race  favourite Chester falling at the first hurdle, Hull has  a wonderful opportunity to emerge from the top 4. A delighted Labour Group Leader Steve Brady, summed up Hull Labour’s feelings when he told the Labour Group Website, this is a vital  first hurdle to clear. It will start to change the perception of Hull from the rest of the Country. There is no reason we cannot go on and win this now, and hget Kingston Upon Hull noticed! Cllr Steve Bayes the Portfolio Holder added,” The hard work starts here and it is an incredible achievement to be shortlisted.” Hull Labour know the City’s ambition and cultural talent could be showcased, bringing untold investment and visitor numbers if we can win this bid.  Well done to all involved, now lets win it!




In the past three years Labour councillors around the country have been instrumental in protecting frontline services and hardworking families from the worst of the Tory-Lib Dem cuts. Since taking control of Hull City Council from the Lib Dems, your team of Labour Councillors have worked hard to make a difference in our city. But it’s vital that next year we build on our success and elect as many capable Labour councillors as we can who will stand up for local people.

Hull Labour Party is now starting the selection process for candidates to stand for Labour in next May’s local elections. I hope that all members will consider applying to join Labour’s panel of candidates for 2014. If you think you’ve got what it takes to campaign for your community and stand up against the Tory cuts then we want to hear from you.

The deadline for applications is 8 July 2013. You can request an application pack by emailing me at oliver_heath@labour.org.uk (oliver_heath null@null labour NULL.org NULL.uk), or calling 01924 291 221.

If you have any questions or would like me to send you an application form through the post please do get in touch. I look forward to working with you in the run up to next May’s elections.

Best wishes

Oliver Heath
Regional Organiser

Bedroom tax: 5,500 people in Hull alone will suffer under LibDem/Tory Plans

From April 2013 The Bedroom Tax has been introduced by the LiB Dem/Tory Government. This will affect all families under pensioner age that live in Council Housing or Housing Association which THEY believe are under occupying their house. This means if a couple have a spare bedroom after their children have moved out, or if their same sex children are not sharing,  they are seen to have too much space. They won’t be allowed spare bedrooms either for when children come to visit.

Shockingly the Lib Dems and Tories also include foster carers in this scheme, even though non-related children cannot share. Where a disabled child also has cannot share a room for medical reasons, the answer from the Lib Dems and Tories is “TOUGH!”

There is a demonstration against the Bedroom Tax next Saturday 16th March 2013 in Hull outside the BBC Building at Queens Gardens, Hull starting at 1pm. Please get there if you can……


Hull Labour Council Publishes its Budget for 28th February 2013

Faced with the cuts of  8p in the £1 to its Core central grant from the Lib-Dem Tory Coalition the Labour Council has published its budget seeking to protect many jobs and services. The details can be found at:-
http://tinyurl.com/bc6g2sw (http://tinyurl NULL.com/bc6g2sw)

Labour has protected Day Centres, Care Homes, Museums, the School Music Services, Leisure Centres, Pensioner Bus Passes and free bulky item rubbish collection. It has had to make tough decisions elsewhere caused by the Lib Dem and Tory cuts to the Council’s Budget. Council Tax will rise by 33p a week for a Band A property.


T0 lose one member is careless, but to lose over a dozen in 10 years is quite astounding. That is what has happened to the Hull Lib Dems, who cannot hold onto their elected Councillors, who leave the sinking ship on a regular basis.

Since running the Hull Guildhall in 2002, they have lost one Deputy Leader (Janet Toker) , and a steady stream of  Councillors,  when they discover they are neither “liberal” nor “democratic”.

The latest Councillor to fly the nest is Jan Hornby, the Holderness Councillor, whom felt they had moved to the right, and she had not changed. This is hardly surprising for a Party who now see themselves no more than cheer-leaders for the Tory Party in this coalition Government.

£100m Swindle

BY 2014  the Lib-Dem Tory Government will have snatched £100m in Government Grants from  Hull City Council, cutting our services

Year after year the Lib Dem-Tory Government is cutting the money that this Council can spend, which has led to large job losses and the cutting of many services. Whilst the Labour Council tries to protect essential services , you will see the effects. The Council has got to save £16m next year and a similar amount the year afterwards.


The Lib Dem-Tory  have also cut the amount we can pay out in Council Tax Benefit and is introducing the “bedroom tax” where non pensioners will receive less housing benefits if they have a spare bedroom in their house. When placed alongside the cuts in other benefits many people locally will see real hardship. Local Labour will seek to protect the services it can, but remember without the support of Lib Dems in Government this could not have happened to our City.



The Leader of the Labour Group on Hull City Council welcomed
Councillor Anita Harrison to the Labour Group during the Council
meeting on Thursday 18th October.

Councillor Harrison was the Leader of the NEW Independent Group on the
Council until recently and has been a formidable representative of
residents on the Bransholme East Ward where she commands enormous
respect as a local campaigning councillor.

Cllr. Stephen Brady, Labour Group Leader said:

“Councillor Harrison is a welcome addition to the Labour Group and a
natural local campaigner, I look forward to working alongside her as a
group member.”

Councillor Harrison added:

“I cannot stand by and let this Coalition Government do what it wants
to hard pressed working people. I have always stood for the people of
my ward in Bransholme East and the simple fact is that under Labour I
and my residents will get far more help and support.

I like the way the Labour Group works and how it is led. It has
internal strength and is not afraid to stand for what it truly
believes in both as a united group and as individual members. This is
in contrast to the Liberal Democrats who welcomed the cuts to funding
and services in Hull and are doing nothing locally other than giving
legitimacy to this unfair Coalition Government as it attacks working
people, the disabled and the vulnerable”.

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