Labour Launches its Campaign for Thursday May 3rd 2012

Hull Labour today launched their Team to fight the May 2012 Hull City Council elections. As Hull has Council elections most years, only about a third of the Council Seats are up for grabs in Hull. Labour is confident that after sweeping to power last May, it can maintain control of the City Council. Hull Labour Leader Steve Brady is warning against complacency, “Massive turnouts swept the Lib Dems from power in Hull in 2011. If people stay at home this year, thinking the job is done, they may sneak back in.”

His Deputy, Daren Hale added, “We have a bold team of new candidates bringing enthusiasm and energy to the Party. These are complemented by a number of good existing Councillors whom are seeking re-election. Only by Voting Labour can the City of Hull continue to move forward”

Labour is defending SEVEN of the 20* seats up for election this year, the Lib Dems, TWELVE, and the Tories just ONE seat. Hull Labour is standing its two unsuccessful candidates from 2011 in the same Wards with Theresa Vaughan and Leanne Fudge confident they can go one better in 2012, and win. Nothing is being taken for granted and Hull Labour expects a close battle in many of the City’s seats. If you need a postal vote, a lift to the polls or just wish to help in 2012 please reply on the contact us slip and we will get straight back in touch. We can also answer any queries.

*Where some wards have two members, it might not be their year to be contested, so they will have a year without elections. This year that is the case in Bransholme East, Bransholme West, and University Ward.

The Full List of candidates subject to successful  nomination after the 28th March 2012 :-
Rosie Nicola – Candidate for Avenue Ward
Leanne Fudge – Candidate for Beverley Ward
Theresa Vaughan – Candidate for Boothferry Ward
Karen Rouse-Deane- Candidate for Bricknell Ward
Rob Dunstan – Candidate for Derringham Ward
MIke Thompson– Candidate for Drypool Ward
Gill Kennett -Candidate for Holderness Ward
Suzanne Armstrong – Candidate for Ings Ward
Gwen Lunn -Candidate for Kings Park Ward
+ Councillor John Hewitt – Candidate for Longhill Ward
+ Councillor Sheila Waudby – Candidate for Marfleet Ward
+ Councillor Colin Inglis – Candidate for Myton Ward
Helena Spencer – Candidate for Newington Ward
Brian Navier – Candidate for Newland Ward
Councillor Steven Bayes – Candidate for Orchard Park/Greenwood Ward
Sharon Belcher – Candidate for Pickering Ward
+ Councillor Daren Hale -Candidate for St Andrews Ward
+ Councillor Tom McVie – Candidate for Southcoates East Ward
+ Councillor Mary Glew- Candidate for Southcoates West Ward
Ken Turner – Candidate for Sutton Ward

+ Seeking Re-election

Candidates Photos are available if you click on the end of Candidates/MPs and scroll to the end.


Hull Labour Group has reacted furiously to a budget that will give some of the richest people in the  UK a cash windfall. The move to reduce income tax from 50% to 45% will mean that the 1% of richest earners, those earning £150,000 or more will all enjoy a boost. At the same time Pensioners will pay back an estimated £3bn a year to the treasury and the Tory-Lib Dems have sneaked out proposals to end age related pensioner benefits.

Hull Labour believes the proposals are completely unfair, as many in Hull have to look forward to benefit cuts, petrol hikes of 3p per litre  (13 p per gallon), and tax changes that mean that most people on low or middle incomes will be definitely worse off this financial year.

“If we are all ‘in it together’ why did a Government Cabinet of Millionaires make sure that the only people to benefit were themselves? It is the same old Tories, propped up in Government by their second eleven” said Cllr Daren Hale, Portfolio Holder for Strategic Finance.

His colleague Portfolio Holder Councillor Phil Webster added ,”There is much talk about how much the higher rate of tax draws in. Last year it was still a Billion pounds that the country can ill afford to give away to the richest in our society. It is like Robin Hood in reverse.”

“The Lib Dems will pay a terrible price for this at the ballot box in May,” Said Councillor Steve Brady, Leader of Hull City Council. “Hull People have a sense of fairness, and taking from pensioners and giving to the richest in society is just blatantly unfair.” he added.

For More Information ring Labour on 0788 4491835.

Labour Group Propose a Balanced Budget To Revive Regeneration And Protect The People

The Hull Labour Group has announced its proposals for 2012/13 in a budget that is balanced and aimed at reviving regeneration and protecting people.

During the present economic approach by the Coalition and the resulting funding shortfall it is essential that Labour stabilises the Council’s finances, the organisation, and the economic wellbeing of the City. Labour made that commitment last June and will deliver in 2011/12, making that pledge again for 2012/13.

Building on the principals of the Emergency Budget Re-alignment in June 2011, Labour is as committed as ever to provide best value services to the people of the City, promote jobs and investment and to ensure our communities are defended from the worst aspects of government policy as much as possible. Despite economic cuts Labour has constructed a budget that is balanced, achievable, supports the local economy, supports vulnerable people and provides a commitment to jobs and services.

Among the headline figures Labour is pleased to confirm is the commitment to future jobs and business represented by the £5m to support infrastructure development in relation to Siemens. As part of the same commitment to local businesses and retailers there will be an additional £1.2m for the core regeneration fund to avoid rent increases during challenging and austere times.

There will also be an extra £1.25m available for disability grants and adaptations to help people with disabilities live a fuller and independent life. Last year Labour forced the previous administration to replace £1.5m stripped out of Supporting People Funding but this was a one year commitment from the Lib Dem Administration. Labour is pleased to announce that this £1.5m has now been placed as ongoing funding into the Council’s revenue base going forward. This followed a meeting with the voluntary sector before Christmas to reassure them of this commitment.

Last year Labour allocated £6m to improve roads and the same figure will be allocated for 2012/13 in recognition of the significant and on going challenge of maintaining and repairing this key infrastructure network.

Labour will also commit to the keeping the day centres open which featured in our principal commitments last year. Funding has been provided to keep Labour’s all day free bus travel for older people and people with disabilities as well our longstanding pledge to provide free holiday time swimming for children and young people.

Last June Labour reversed the cuts to the Music Service, replacing £200k to keep this valuable educational and cultural service open. This funding is confirmed for 2012/13 with the addition of a further £75k. Labour has also provided to reduce primary school meals form the current £1.30 to just £1 per meal in all primary schools that wish to participate in the scheme. These measures will help people during tough times.

Labour has also provided funding to shore up and improve fostering and preventative services, guaranteeing funding levels going forward to help children and families. There will also be a 10% rise in funding to youth services at a time when young people are needing help and assistance.

Councillor Daren Hale, Cabinet Member for Finance said:

“Hull’s Labour Administration will not be passive observers in this grim recession, it is our duty to come out fighting for Hull’s economy, to shield the city from the spectres of unemployment and a loss of hope that is spreading across the Country. Within the tight constraints of local government spending we believe this budget achieves that. We would have liked to do more but this positions the city in the best way possible right now”.

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