Bedroom tax: 5,500 people in Hull alone will suffer under LibDem/Tory Plans

From April 2013 The Bedroom Tax has been introduced by the LiB Dem/Tory Government. This will affect all families under pensioner age that live in Council Housing or Housing Association which THEY believe are under occupying their house. This means if a couple have a spare bedroom after their children have moved out, or if their same sex children are not sharing,  they are seen to have too much space. They won’t be allowed spare bedrooms either for when children come to visit.

Shockingly the Lib Dems and Tories also include foster carers in this scheme, even though non-related children cannot share. Where a disabled child also has cannot share a room for medical reasons, the answer from the Lib Dems and Tories is “TOUGH!”

There is a demonstration against the Bedroom Tax next Saturday 16th March 2013 in Hull outside the BBC Building at Queens Gardens, Hull starting at 1pm. Please get there if you can……


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