£100m Swindle

BY 2014  the Lib-Dem Tory Government will have snatched £100m in Government Grants from  Hull City Council, cutting our services

Year after year the Lib Dem-Tory Government is cutting the money that this Council can spend, which has led to large job losses and the cutting of many services. Whilst the Labour Council tries to protect essential services , you will see the effects. The Council has got to save £16m next year and a similar amount the year afterwards.


The Lib Dem-Tory  have also cut the amount we can pay out in Council Tax Benefit and is introducing the “bedroom tax” where non pensioners will receive less housing benefits if they have a spare bedroom in their house. When placed alongside the cuts in other benefits many people locally will see real hardship. Local Labour will seek to protect the services it can, but remember without the support of Lib Dems in Government this could not have happened to our City.


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